(I₂) Acne Cure Lotion:
Don't cover it, clear it.

Molecular Iodine (I₂) Acne Cure Lotion as the name suggests has been created as a curative measure against facial acne. This acne cure lotion has increased effectiveness against acne-causing bacteria. As the active ingredient is Molecular Iodine (I₂), the lotion relies on the mechanism of inactivating microorganisms that lead to acne, skin breakouts and potential infections. This is stain-free, odour-free, and non-irritant & dermatologically tested and is safe and gentle on the skin; highly recommended for people with seasonal & adult acne. Acne Cure Lotion provides complete protection against acne-causing bacteria by not letting it grow. When used over acne, molecular iodine (I₂) rapidly heals the acne & acne scars, gradually revitalizing the skin and making it acne-free.

For times when the face has visible acne, pair this with I2 Acne Cleanser to wipe off the lotion, for best results.

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