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Attesting UK Documents for the UAE

Attesting UK documents for the UAE involves several steps. And unless you’re familiar with the attestation process, it can get frustrating.

As attestation services providers in the UAE, we’ve seen the difficulties people face when completing the attestation process themselves.... (More)

Why You Should Consider Pursuing Higher Education in the UAE

Known for its enriching and diverse education system, the UAE offers some of the world’s best academic opportunities to students across the globe.

From United Arab Emirates University to Khalifa University, UAE’s colleges are known for their multidisciplinary approach, brilliant... (More)

Certificate Attestation Services

Many foreign nationals wish to live, study, and work in the UAE. The country offers many opportunities, but one requirement creates a bit of a hassle: certificate attestation.

What Is Certificate Attestation?

Certificate Attestation is the process of legalizing papers... (More)

Shifa al Jazeera Medical Centre, one of the leading private medical facilities in the kingdom, is located in a quiet hub of Bahrain's capital city Manama. This centre provides a wide range of health and medical services to the residents... (More)