Many new trends are getting introduced in the telematics world. They aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the products. White label GPS tracking system is one such trend that has become popular since its introduction. It allows the companies to use the monitoring software according to their requirements. From branding to deployment on their own server, the clients can make the required changes.

With the increasing demand for white labeling, more options are becoming available to the clients. In this blog, we will discuss the leading white-label tracking solutions in detail.

Flotilla IoT:
Flotilla IoT was founded in 2010 and has become an established name in the telematics world. It offers many products, and the white-label GPS tracking systems are one of them. Flotilla IoT allows its resellers to integrate custom domain, email, and SMS gateway along with personalized branding. The clients can use all the software features with their outlook. Flotilla IoT covers every aspect of fleet management, from vehicle maintenance and fuel monitoring to reporting and track history.

GPSWOX is a renowned tracking software with the ability to support over 600 tracking devices. The user-friendliness of the GPSWOX system is one of a kind. However, the introduction of white labeling has enhanced both its scope and demand in the market. It also offers state of the art features like a customizable widget tab providing customize alerts. The simplicity of the GPSWOX interface is helpful for some businesses, but it also makes it inappropriate for the larger fleets.

En Route Technologies:
En Route Technologies is SIRA approved surveillance provider offering an excellent white label GPS tracking system. It is a one-stop solution for meeting all the monitoring and tracking needs of the companies. From GPS vehicle tracking to the CCTV system, En Route Technologies offers everything. It provides white labeling features to its clients, including customized branding and the addition of new modules.

Navixy is an innovative vehicle tracking software offering fleet management and field services. It is currently running in over 130 countries providing the required assistance to the users. The white label fleet management software of Navixy offers features like real-time telemetry reading, vehicle maintenance, driver behavior, fuel monitoring.

Matellio is a software engineering studio founded in 2012. It offers a diverse array of services ranging from AI and block chain development services to IoT solutions. It has partnered with some of the world's leading companies like AWS, Siemens MindSphere, and Google Cloud, etc. The ready-to-deploy white label fleet management software of Matellio offers safety, vehicle diagnostics, vehicle monitoring and much more.

Mapon started its journey in 2006, offering fleet management and asset tracking services to its clients. Its white label GPS tracking system is one of the most sought-after in the market right now. With the software and mobile apps' customized branding, Mapon offers excellent marketing freedom to the companies. There are two software versions available, including MaponPro and MaponLite, according to the business needs.

Inepex is a Hungarian GPS tracking software firm founded in 2007. It mainly offers spatial services like GPS analytical platforms, GPS tracking systems, and apps. Inepex allows its users to have private branding of the software according to their needs. Specializing in telematics technology, Inepex provides fleet management solutions to leading European companies.

Global AVL:
Global AVL specializes in GSM communication for the past ten years. It provides an extensive range of services, including Vehicle Management, Field Management, Scheduled Reporting, Eco-Driving, Preventive Maintenance, etc. Global AVL also offers excellent asset tracking, personal tracking, and vehicle tracking devices to the clients. The white labeling allows the clients to use their name, logo, color scheme, and domain on the tracking software.

Satelon was founded in 2006 to provide GPS tracking platforms to businesses according to their needs. The Satelon tracking solution's main specialty is that they are light and fast, making them ideal for small enterprises. It also emphasizes a lot on user experience to make the interface easy to use. With white labeling, the clients can enjoy all the features of the software with their branding.

Position Logic:
Position Logic is a part of the KORE wireless group offering various telematics solutions. It provides a GPS tracking and monitoring solution with the capacity of integrating around 400 devices. The uptime of Position Logic’s software is rated highly due to its proven record. Its white label GPS tracking systems provide resellers a chance to sell a fully customized product with personalized branding.

The white labeling is the need of the hour as it offers all the branding perks to the end-users and resellers. Its growing demand is compelling more companies to provide this service. Making the right choice of a white label tracking software is easier said than done. However, the guidelines mentioned above will help you do so.