Acne is a condition of pores on skin due to increase in bacteria, dead cells or oil on the face. The main causes of Acne are: - 

1. Unbalanced Diet & Lifestyle. 

2 Changes in Hormone.

3. Excessive use of chemical products on skin.

4. Forgot to remove makeup. 

5. Exposed to pollution.

6. Ignorance of popping pimples. 

Acne is becoming a common problem among youth but due to an increasingly unbalanced lifestyle it is affecting people of all ages & backgrounds. The best treatment is washing your face with natural ingredients. Following regular hygiene practices is the best home remedy to cure acne. But Youth want a fast & permanent solution to remove acne. An Increasing trend is moving towards plastic- therapy to remove acne. Many products are available in the market for acne wash but the most relevant & trusted to prevent pimples & acne is a scientific treatment. 


 I2 Acne Cleanser is a solution for your clean, beautiful & glow skin. It is a dermatologist recommended product because it contains a long term scientific solution which is Molecular Iodine to clean & remove acne from both men & women. It is 99.9% Effective against bacteria, fungus. Anti- Acne , Anti-Pimple product which is Cruelty Free, Parables & Sulfate free  & made from Molecular Iodine solution. 

To bring back your natural moisture on your face. Use I2 Acne Cure Lotion. It is anti-acne with a natural quality of face scrub & face cream to remove pimples & acne spots from your face. Helps to remove permanent acne marks on the face. It softens the skin & brings back your confidence. It is comfortable & easy to use. It is an eco-friendly product.

Both the products are effective in all skin types- Sensitive, Dry, Oily as it has Molecular Iodine Based Cleanser & free from chemicals.