7 Things Every Yogi Need To Know Before Becoming Yoga Instructor

Are you planning to become a yoga instructor? Well, it’s certainly a big decision but definitely a rewarding one especially if you go for yoga teacher training in India. Before you get yourself enrolled for yoga teacher training, it is always a good idea to ask yourself why you want to become a yoga instructor. If you have the answers to the questions, it is time to ponder upon a few things that will make your journey easier, fulfilling and exciting.
Without wasting any more time, let’s dive in and learn about the 7 things that you must know before you become a yoga instructor.
Keeping up with the home practice
When we want a change around, we always begin to transform ourselves. Similarly, when you expect your students to perform certain asanas or follow a particular discipline, become their idol first. If you can’t do it with 60 minutes of daily practice, then expecting from your students is unfair. When you develop and sustain your home practice, then only you can figure out what’s good for your class. Solo time spent on the mat allows you to learn many new things about self, helps to develop a sequence naturally, and submerge deep into the practice. This supports you to become a great teacher and create a wonderful session for your students.
Super asana performer, no don’t have to be
Many of the aspiring yoga teachers step back from their decision to teach, thinking that they aren’t ready or think their self-practice is not good enough. Remember, everyone has some limitations, some are very flexible, some are strong, some lack balance, some have amazing concentration. Each body is different, yet amazing, and every yogi has their struggle story or faces difficulty performing certain asanas. It’s normal and should be embraced. This is a wonderful way of telling your students that one should honor and not resist the limitations his/her body.
There is a difference between teaching and practicing yoga
Whatever your qualifications are, it doesn’t make you a perfect teacher, but help with technicalities. Being an advanced level yogi will not make you an experienced or advanced teacher. All come with experience. Remember, there is a difference between teaching yoga and practicing it. So it easy to learn and know something, but being able to transfer the same knowledge is the real deal. Let’s take an example, suppose you are practicing a pose.Youmay don’t remember every small detail or follow it because you just know how to perform. But while you teach a similar pose, you need to instruct them about alignment, consider the body types, and also give personal suggestions to your students.
Credibility, consistency, and trust are the keys
Trust, consistency, and credibility are three essential parts of being a good teacher and flourish in your yoga career. You can’t teach anyone or make them stay with you (to your class) until they start to trust you. To keep up with the trust, you need to be consistent with your practice, offer them new things while sticking to the base. You need to be genuine to build trust and credibility, and also be prepared to be watched and judged in your first class. Yes, to gain everything as a yoga teacher, you need to stay confident and let your students know the real you. They will watch how you sit, stand, walk, perform, but in the end, what matters is your training and how do you teach.
Balancing it out
It is said, what you contain, you transfer the same. Being a yoga teacher, you need to remain balanced, especially mentally and emotionally. This helps you to transfer positive and healing practice to your students, and they rely completely on your teachings. You might teach them how to find balance on the mat, but certain balances are beyond the physical practice. Mental and emotional balance helps you to stay sensitive, positive, calm, and patient, and helps you to form a deeper connection with your students. It further brings harmony to you, helps you to stay in the present moment, and feel centered. It hugely impacts your teaching, enhances practice, helps to gain experience, and drives you to being more compassionate.
Yoga teaching can be very satisfying
Yoga teaching is a fulfilling, comfortable, and satisfying experience for a yogi. Being a professional, you have a clear vision, know your subjects (student’s practice), know how to communicate, and excel with yoga marketing. Many people assume that teaching yoga will not fill the space what a full-time job could do, and think of taking classes on weekends. But the elements discussed, want you to take yoga teaching as a full-time choice, and you start seeing yourself slipping into this role permanently.
Change of mind and decisions
You must be very excited about your yoga teacher training in India that will evolve you into an eminent yoga professional. But there are chances, after completing your training, you may feel that you don’t have enough of yogic knowledge or experience to become a great yoga instructor. Might be you still need the time or if you really want to teach or not. Trust us, that’s absolutely perfect. This feeling is normal, just remember, you need to keep up with your regular personal practice whether you want to teach or not. The more you practice and learn, the more you get clarity of your thoughts and will.
Yoga teacher training is an incredible life-transforming journey, an experience that changes you. Amidst the whole process of learning, deepening practice, thoughts of teaching, you might also experience breakthroughs and get overwhelmed. You need to do it with an open heart, and you’ll feel more connected, confident, and self-assured.
We hope you make the right decision, keep practicing, and stay committed.
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