This is a summary of 6 important things a drone can do!

  1. Humanitarian aid & disaster relief
  2. Healthcare
  3. Weather forecasting
  4. Infrastructure development
  5. Personal transportation
  6. Live entertainment


Humanitarian aid & disaster relief

Drones have proven to be very helpful during disasters like earthquakes, tornado’s, floods,… Thanks to the high mobility and the fact that they are so fast to deploy. Drones have saved thousands of lives. This by surveying the affected areas and locating people in need.

But this is not where the story ends. After locating the persons in need. Most emergency response drone teams have drones that are equipped with tools to deliver actual help! This can be in de form of blankets, medicines or phones.



Today’s science and medical knowledge is more sophisticated than ever before. We’ve found vaccines and cures for diseases we didn’t held for possible a couple of years ago.

A problem that occurs is that a large part of the world doesn’t have access to these life saving solutions. One of the roots of this problem is the fact that a lot of people live in inaccessible and isolated areas around the world. Which makes it a difficult task to get these solutions to those people by truck or plane.

Drones that fly over these areas and simply drop the lifesaving items in a box with a parachute attached to it are a simple and relatively cheap solution.


Weather forecasting

Weather now is tracked by stationary measurement facilities. This gives weather scientists no room to follow weather developments. Drones allow us to physically follow these weather developments.

In addition to aerial vehicles, water-based unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) are changing the way data is gathered. Saildrone has developed an autonomous sailboat that collects oceanic and atmospheric data from the ocean surface.


Infrastructure development

Drones have proven to be helpful in the whole management and planning process of infrastructure development. Drones can also become a part of the story when we are talking about the physical development of infrastructure.

Here is a very cool video of drones actually building something


personal transportation

Companies like Amazon, Uber, Brussels Airlines,… all invest in research and development for personal aerial transportation without pilots. Aka drone taxi’s.

It’s a difficult task, transporting people with a drone, safely. But we believe that the drone world isn’t that far away from realizing this dream. Thanks to the investments of the big and small companies.


Live entertainment

Drones have already massively changed the way we watch television, Netflix or other video content. By eliminating the high costs of helicopter based aerial photography. But drones can also be of a great visual aid to the entertainment sector. Think about the drone light shows from Intel. The cost is of these shows is usually lower than the firework shows they usually replace (almost no noise is a big advantage for all the animals).

Enjoy this video!